Light dynamic seating system for children

A Pengy Pro seat is a sister seat to the Zitzi Delfi Pro and specially developed for our Zitzi Pengy sulky. The Pengy seat is a light and smooth seat but still has the opportunity for a good positioning of the patient.

Zitzi Pengy Pro has a low weight with similar features as a Zitzi Delfi Pro such as adjustable lateral supports / leg parts, seat slope adjusters, flex function, along with a variety of other features.

The seat unit is removable and reversible. With a simple grip, you turn the seat so that the child can travel forward or backwards. The Pengy seat can also be mounted on other types of underframes.

  • Easy to drive
    Thanks to the right balance and lightly rolled wheels, the Pengy Wagon is great both for a city walk or a walk in the forest. The wagon can be equipped with fixed 12” casters in front to facilitatedriving during winter season or in terrain.
  • Easily folded
    The Pengy Sulky can easily be folded together to facilitate transportation by car or for storage. The wheels rolls easily with a good balance and they are equipped with direction lock, quick release and suspension as standard.
  • Reversible seat
    The seat part is reversible and removable. Simply turn the seat so that the child can ride either facing forward or backwards.
  • Suspension chassi
    Pengy wagon has a integrated suspension which makes it easy to roll on uneven surfaces.
  • Crashtested
    Crashtested and approved according to ISO 7176-19 to travel safely during transport (seated forward).

Zitzi Pengy Pro

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