This assistive device enables the user to assume and maintain an extreme upright position, and to move indoor assisted by a caregiver or relative.

It’s indicated for weak but careful and sufficiently coordinated users who are able to transfer themselves unaided from their wheelchair or another sitting position to the seat of the standing aid. The gas spring provides a gentle push that integrates the one from the user. The same mechanism safely supports the user, who can stop and rest at any intermediate position before completing the lifting.

The end user is lifted into a standing position by means of a servo-assisted gas-spring system operated by ergonomic lever applied to one long side handle. The long side handles can be helpful for restrainment during the lifting and at first stage to support for user in the transfer onto the footplates of the device. The device is provided with a safety sensor for the user to stop the lifting sequence at any time.

  • A series of adjustments without tools ensure the aid can be adapted to the user’s morphological characteristics. In particular, the main frame along with the knees, hand and trunk supports are easily adjustable to the user’s height by means of a second gas spring to facilitate and reduce the caregiver efforts.
  • For better stabilization at trunk and hips level the long side handles can be adjusted in width and integrated with padded elements as accessory. The seat is adjustable in depth. The device is fitted with a wide service tray adjustable in tilt. The seat and service tray can be fitted with padded covers (please see accessories).

Stand-Up 300

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