This device enables the user to assume and maintain an extreme upright position, and to move around indoor autonomously without assistance, for a more independent life at home or at work.

It’s indicated for users who have sufficient control over one hand movement to achieve performances and sensations equivalent to those of an able walker: the pleasure of moving at a fast pace while holding an upright position, of having the same access to high shelves as anyone and only a little less agility when through narrow passages.

The end user is lifted into a standing position by means of a (rechargeable) battery-powered electric motor operated by hand control, but he is also aided by the handles-thoracic support group and tray. They parts can be lowered down when the user is seated, providing great support to the upper body when the user is still sitting and during the lifting.

  • The device has a safety sensor for the user to stop the lifting sequence at any time. The aid is also provided with a Joystick unit and two motors that allow transfers to be carried out unaided.
  • A series of adjustments without tools ensure the aid suits the user’s morphological characteristics. In particular, the main frame can be adjusted to the user’s height electrically by means of a second electric actuator.
  • For better stabilization at trunk and hips level the handles can be adjusted in width and integrated with padded elements as accessory. The seat is adjustable in depth and can be applied to it a padded cover (accessory). The device is fitted with a service tray.

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