The Mimos pillow was designed especially to prevent and correct cranial deformities during baby's first few months. It is designed for baby to sleep and rest in the supine (face up) position, as recommended by experts and the campaign for the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome. The pillow increases the area of contact beneath the head, reducing the pressure by up to 4 times. 

Prevention: The Mimos pillow has been found to be extremely effective at preventing head deformities.

Correction: According to clinical studies, the Mimos pillow visibly improves the results of the correction of positional head deformities. 

Indications: If used to prevent plagiocephaly, it is recommended for the first 6 months of life. For correction, see a specialist and use the pillow in addition to tummy time and the physiotherapy indicated in your specific case. Results may vary. 

How to use: Ideal for use in cots and prams. Position baby face up (supine) so that their head is within the pillow cavity. Never place baby's face against the pillow. 

Caution: The Mimos pillow does not prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Mimos has been proven to be highly effective in the prevention of and recovery from a head deformity when used as a complementary measure, so it should be used in addition to the treatments prescribed by your paediatrician or neurosurgeon. 

Size XS:     Head circumference less than 37cm (premature)
(Before L)

Size S:       Head circumference between 36 and 46 cm 
(Before XL)

Size M:     Head circumference between 42 and 49 cm 
(Before XXL)

Size L:     Head circumference over 49 cm
(Before XXXL)

Size P:  Head circumference between 36 and 46 cm

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