3 in 1 Standing Frame
The first step toward the first steps

  • Comfort
  • Precision
  • Versatility

Standing is an important part of physical therapy and an essential step in a child’s development. The Ella standing frame adapts easily into the most demanding needs related to standing. Increasing muscle tone, stretching the muscles, strengthening the bones and ligaments, while preventing postural disorders can be done effortlessly with the Ella.

The Ella is available in four different sizes for a wide range of users. The smallest size is for children of the age of approximately nine months through to four years, with a height range of 60 – 95 cm and a maximum weight of 30 kg.

For children from three years to seven years of age, size 2 provides a height range of 90 – 130 cm and a maximum user weight of 40 kg.

Going forward to the larger stander, size 3 stretches from 120 to 155 cm and carries a 55 kg user. The largest one, size 4, grows from 130 to 180 com in user length and supports a maximum weight of 80 kg. Size 4 is always equipped with a powered actuator tilt, in order to maintain the balanced operation. 


  • Only one tool (included with the product) needed for the setup and full adjustment
  • The base folds for compact storage and transport
  • Intuitive and logical adjustments make adaptations exceptionally easy


  • Soft padding and comfortable upholstery
  • Fully adaptable supports ensure a good standing position


  • Prone and supine standing with simple and quick switching
  • Advanced leg and foot positioning meets the most demanding needs


  • Individually adjustable components adapt to very specific needs
  • 90° stepless tilt function, manual or powered

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