The award-winning Flow2 stairlift can be truly considered one of the world’s leading stairlifts. 
The Flow2 is fitted onto your staircase and not your wall allowing the lift to be installed quickly, easily and with minimal disruption to your home.
Manufactured using the very latest technology, the Flow2 can be installed on nearly any type of staircase.
The automatic swivel and levelling technology (ASL) allows the Flow2 to be fitted on staircases as narrow
as 610 mm. 
This feature, unique to the Flow2, enables your stairlift to turn while in motion, making it one of the most adaptable stairlifts in the world.

The seat is always in the correct position to get on and off safely.
The Flow2 swivels as it travels, this means that getting on and off the lift at either end of the staircase is quick and easy. 
At the top of the staircase the seat can rotate away from the open staircase, allowing a safe exit from
the seat.

Constantly working to save you time and provide safety and comfort.
ASL technology operates while the lift is moving. 
Therefore you avoid additional stops and swivel movements at the beginning,during and at the end of the ride. This saves time and provides additional safety and comfort. 
The lift really moves in one “Flow”.

Speed Max 0.15 m/s
Drive Type: Rack and pinion
Motor Wattage:

 350 W – Drive Motor

350 W – Horizontal Motor

Weight Capacity: 125 kg
Batteries: 2 x 12 V batteries; total 24V
Operation: Joystick control as standard
Staircase Incline: Up to 70º
Certification: Machine Directive 2006/42/EG BS EN 81-40
Automatic Stop: Yes
Footrest: Yes
Retractable Safety Belt Yes

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