Safely and gently from lying to standing

The Aktivia nursing bed helps with fast mobilisation of residents and patients to enable an independent life. It safely and gently brings patients into an upright sitting position and increases quality of life. The gentle mobilisation gives persons
requiring nursing safety and is ideal for enabling elderly persons and patients requiring nursing to participate in everyday life. Adjusting the sitting and standing positions permits ideal
positioning of the patient,the movement muscles are activated, daily needs such as eating and drinking are made much easier. 
For the sitting and standing position, the foot of the bed can be taken off and the enclosed holding grips ensure additional safety. Relatives and nurses are supported essentially in their daily work.Immobile patients are able to independently sit up in bed and stand up from bed with very little strength. All positions can be electrically set with a hand switch and the bed will move to the desired sitting position by the push of a single button. 
All other functions, such as head and foot part or height adjustment from 40 – 80 cm can also be set via the hand switch. The Aktivia rising bed protects the backs and joints of the nursing relatives and nurses.

  • Stress-free getting up from the care bed
  • Increases in quality of life through the use of the care bed
  • Sequence of movements from sitting to standing can be carried out without great effort
  • Active and passive mobilization of the person in need of care in and out of the care bed
  • Physical relief of the caring relatives and the nursing services
  • Support for almost all transfer movements in the care bed


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